Expecting A Thousand Elsewhere


Happy family day! As if our lives weren’t crazy enough right now, in His infinite wisdom and timing, my husband and I are expecting—our wild child arrives, growing our family by 2 tiny feet, DV August 2021!

It’s been a bonkers few months for us. Dan quit his job, sold our 4 vehicles, packed up our life, drove us across the country, unpacked our life and started a new job.

I attempted to help him with all of that but mostly focused on safely making it through the first trimester of taking care of (me and) the lil baby growing inside me.

We found out I was pregnant the same week in December of my birthday, the birth of our new nephew Clark Riesebosch and our last work week before the holidays / our move (ever for Dan at his old job and in-studio for me). It was so hard to keep this fragile news to ourselves as we said goodbye to all our friends and family in Ontario.

No one prepared me for the perfect mix of excitement and overwhelm of seeing those two lines on the pregnancy test in the middle of an already crazy life stage of changes.

No one prepared me for the delicate prayers that the baby survives the first trimester especially during a stressful time of transition.

No one prepared me for the sneaking around of blood tests, check ups, appointments, first ultrasound and prenatal vitamin stashing in the first few months (between ON and BC family doctors I might add, so thankful for walk-in clinics).

We are on a wild ride and I know God is in control of the timing of this wild child; He is constantly refocusing me on Him—reminding me of His guiding providence. Depending on and trusting in His grace for two and calling on fresh friends and church family for support (something that does not come naturally to me)—all part of His sovereign plan.

So, ready or not, here s/he comes. --- In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps. Proverbs‬ ‭16:9‬ ‭| NIV‬‬
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