5-Steps to Productivity — A healthy recipe for focus.

5-Steps to Productivity — A healthy recipe for focus.

If you have a hard time getting to the things that matter (especially while caring for young children), time blocking* is crucial to focus up in order to be productive. Here’s what works best for me.

*Time blocking is a productivity technique for personal time management where a period of time—typically a day or week—is divided into smaller segments or blocks for specific tasks or to-dos. It integrates the function of a calendar with that of a to-do list.


Digital distraction is the number one productivity killer for me. Turn off your phone and zero in on what needs to get done.

  • Research shows on average, people spend about 44% of their waking hours looking at a screen.
  • Worldwide, people spend about 6 hours and 58 minutes on their screens on a daily basis.


I try to concentrate on 1 to 3 extra (in additional to daily) tasks per day, it feels manageable and keeps me from spiralling into a state of overwhelm.

  • Research shows when overwhelmed we freeze (part of the fight/flight/freeze response) due to a flood of cortisol, anxiety builds, and serotonin—one of the main chemicals involved in alleviating and preventing feelings of depression and anxiety—begins to deplete.


After you narrow down the task(s), close or minimize tabs (real or mental) that aren’t relevant to getting them done.

  • Research shows that when people have a manageable number of tabs which is different for everyonethey felt in control and more productive. However, when the number of tabs exceeded a particular person's “tipping point”, they were more likely to feel negative emotions such as stress or shame.


If needed and time allows, quickly clean and/or organize the space around wherever you find yourself needing to get something done.

  • Research shows disorganization and clutter have a cumulative effect on our brains. Our brains like order, and constant visual reminders of disorganisation drain our cognitive resources, reducing our ability to focus.


If you have a longer stretch of time to work with, put a timer on for a particular timeframe (e.g. 20m on 5m off, repeat as needed). Put your earbuds in and play some focus music if it helps.

  • Research shows using computer assisted protected time to do focused work reported increased energy, eagerness to work and less difficulty in detaching from work.

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