New Service — Website Design

New Service — Website Design

Did you know that I’m a Graphic Designer by trade and that I offer remote Design Services and Custom Commissions? If not, now you do!

I’m excited to announce that I now officially offer Website Design Services for your church, small biz, special event etc., now that I have a few websites under my belt.

Fun fact, I actually started my design career at a small web and app design firm that also did branding, over a decade ago! Web design has come so far in that time that I’ve actually grown to LIKE it as a Designer.

At this time, I offer websites designed in Wix, Shopify, and Squarespace as I am not a Programmer and have limited knowledge of code. What that means is if you need an extremely custom, complex, 10+ page website, I am not your gal.

But, if you need a straightforward and beautiful website and don’t have time to make your own on the platforms listed above, I AM your gal!

Learn more here about my current service offerings.

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