How To Enhance The Sunday Message

How To Enhance The Sunday Message

Today at church we had a sermon on the account of Jesus cleansing a leper as recorded in Matthew 8:1-4 in the context of all the requirements of lepers in OT law.

This concept was fresh in my mind from my study on Holiness with @thebibleproject last month for ATE30DAYS. Studying OT passages regarding human cleanliness as it relates to (or more accurately as it contradicts) God’s holiness last month had direct correlation to the sermon so I had basically just spent weeks doing forestudy for the Sunday message. I was able to gain so much more clarity from the sermon simply because I was in the Word so much last month learning about the holiness of God.

I encourage you today to get into the Word for yourself. Take hold of it, study it, memorize it, treasure it—it’s yours for the taking.

Reading, meditating on and studying the Bible is not just for theologians or pastors or Bible teachers or missionaries or elders.

Studying the Bible is for everyone that wants to know anything and everything there is to know about the Creator of the universe who made us all and who wants a relationship with us all—a relationship made possible by Jesus on the cross.

Studying the Bible is for everyone that aches to be seen, to be heard, to be loved.

Studying the Bible is for you.
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