Thorns & Thistles

Thorns & Thistles

Thankful, grateful, blessed, I guess—even when things are stupid hard.

Now that I’m out of the trenches of early motherhood, (long) off meds and settling into the toddler stage, I’m getting IN TO IT in therapy, processing the year that was 2021 and all that it entailed for me (think the pandemic, moving across the country, getting evicted, having a baby between homes, adjusting to a new role, the subsequent postpartum depression…the list goes on).

Even on this beautiful sunny wintry day, I’m just always being reminded that we live in a fallen world, it wasn’t meant to be this way, and I’m ever looking forward to the day Jesus returns or calls me home.

So here’s a reminder that you never really know what people are going through, unless you ask (and have shown yourself to be a safe space to open up).

“Be thankful for the thorns and thistles, which keep you from being in love with this world, and becoming an idolater.” — Charles H. Spurgeon

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