Holy Week — Palm Sunday

Holy Week — Palm Sunday

I’m sure many of us had a sermon on Mathew 21 or Mark 11 or perhaps even Revelation 7 or Zechariah 9 today, on Palm Sunday.

Today we do not commemorate a misunderstanding of the people of that time, as recorded in scripture—air filled with palm branches and high expectations (though not high enough). Today we remember the now revealed truth of the exalted King, Jesus Christ, with the small beginning of His glory disclosed as He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.

The crowds loved Jesus when they thought they were getting what they wanted out of Him—how fickle their hearts when their shouts of “Hosanna!” turned to “Crucify him!” later that week.

Do you see yourself in their shouts? How often do we do the same? When our praise stops or turns to complaints, it’s not because God has changed but because we have changed. The posture of our hearts is off.

Refocus today.

How well do we know this revealed Jesus? When we really know Jesus we can better:
- trust in Him
- have peace in Him
- delight in serving Him

No disappointments, no unmet expectations, just Jesus Christ doing what He came to do.