Working on My Brand (Read: Me)

Working on My Brand (Read: Me)

As a brand designer myself, I’ve been doing some of my own brand writing for various reasons, and I’ve come to a conclusion.

Here’s the thing about me:

Everything I create starts with an idea, grows into a few bullet points on my Notes app, moves into writing and conceptualizing around a passion that I have or a message I’m moved to share, then evolves to creative and production, and eeeeventuaaaally lands on my blog, shops or social.

Sometimes these things happen in hours, sometimes weeks, sometimes years.

Here’s where it doesn’t start: 

  • market research
  • looking for what’s trendy / trending
  • Pinterest
  • Googling christian quotes
  • fast fashion
  • top searched / sellers on Etsy or Amazon
  • what will sell and/or make the most money

So, is this side of my business “successful” according to the world’s standards? Hardly. But does it bring joy, fulfilment and satisfaction to the pockets of time I find in my stay at home mom-ing season?


My service offerings (design and custom commissions) are for my clients. My Bible creative and writing has always been (since starting this all in 2015) and always will be for ME as my outlet to serve and dive in and spend time with God in His word.

It’s taken me a minute to remember that as I chased the hamster wheel of “success” for a time. But I’m back. Goodbye pressure to be “successful” however the world deems it, hello doing art for ME again.

*I put successful in quotations throughout because success looks different to everyone, and I’ve changed my metric. I have decided that this is what success looks like for me. This—right here, right now, already—is success for me. I’ve made it. Because according to my yearbook, journal entries and prayers from years past, I’m just over here living the dreams of young Jordan.

P.S. By some miracle I wrote, created and posted this today. Ask me about the pile of laundry in my room though…