Psalm‬ ‭23 A Thousand Elsewhere

Psalm‬ ‭23

I’ve been consuming and sharing a lot of the #amplifymelanatedvoices and #blacklivesmatter content in the last few weeks. Overwhelming as it is, I have been taking a good hard look—taking inventory of my own privilege.

I remember the first time I heard the term white privilege, years ago. I was abhorred. I felt so naive. I felt ashamed. I went through all the expected emotions of the glass barrier being broken of better understanding racism in North America. Many of us not of colour were silent for #blackouttuesday, but if I have learned anything from the black voices I have been listening to, silence is not actually what is needed of us right now. There is a time for silence and learning (if it’s all new to you), but there is also a time for speaking up and speaking out and saying enough is enough! Not just from the black community (why is it their job?) but from EVERYONE. This is everyone’s problem.

One of the privileges I have that didn’t hit me till reading Psalm 23 this morning was growing up in the gospel. I was “born into faith” and I think that is more powerful than being born into money, born into a good family, born into the freedom of Canada or born into white skin.

No one’s life is easy, but the gospel message puts perspective on the hardships. It puts sin in its respective place.

Being able to say with boldness and confidence, with Christ in my corner:

I shall not want. ESV
I lack nothing. ESV
I will never be in need. CEV
I don’t need a thing. MSG

Well, my cup brims with His blessing—and I want to share. --- God, my shepherd! I don’t need a thing. You have bedded me down in lush meadows, you find me quiet pools to drink from. True to your word, you let me catch my breath and send me in the right direction. Even when the way goes through Death Valley, I’m not afraid when you walk at my side. Your trusty shepherd’s crook makes me feel secure. You serve me a six-course dinner right in front of my enemies. You revive my drooping head; my cup brims with blessing. Your beauty and love chase after me every day of my life. I’m back home in the house of GOD for the rest of my life. Psalm‬ ‭23 ‭| MSG‬
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