Let’s create something together.

Hey YOU,

I love to read and write (if you haven't noticed), but sometimes my own personal pressure for inspirational, honest, Christ-centered and meaningful writing keeps me from creating and sharing at all.

To remedy this I had an idea.

Maybe YOU like to write and we could do a collab—you write, I create a partnering graphic (wether it be a quote or a chosen Bible verse) and we can both share the collab, with credit of course. Even if you don't consider yourself a "writer", everyone has a message to share and a story to tell and you could borrow my platform and my graphics to do so. I would love to see it all come together with the hashtag #YOUXMECOLLAB where we could browse through all your stories.

What would I be looking for? Here's some ideas to get the gears going:

  • Your statement of faith
  • How you have seen God work in your life
  • An experience that brought you closer to Jesus
  • How you came to be a Christian
  • Reflections on a struggle you are in/through
  • Meditation on a particular Bible chapter/verse
  • Why are you a Christian?
  • The story of an answered prayer

Also, if you are a photographer [hobby, amateur or pro], I would love to collab, you send me pics, I letter on them, we both share the image—with credit—to our preferred platforms.

The possibilities are endless. Interested? Contact me. Not interested? Share with a friend who might be.

— Yours in Christ,